The Rest & Manifest Retreat

Dear Beautiful Beings,


I am thrilled to announce my 2018 yoga retreat as it is for women only this year with a focus on strengthening our inner wisdom. Please join me for 7 nights of solidarity from March 10-17 at Xinalani Retreat Centera magical place that stays in your heart long after you leave. I believe it is time for us to collectively turn inwards for guidance, reconnecting to our intuitive nature, the intelligence of the universe and the power of female fellowship. All of the answers to our questions lie within. We have to learn how to listen and trust what's flowing through us and most importantly, pass it along to eachother.

In the heart of the winter we will gather together on a jungle strewn coastline to unplug and slow down. Soak in the sun and run your toes through the sand. Be lulled to sleep by the soothing sounds of the ocean. Nourish your body with local, organically sourced food. Explore the practice of vinyasa yoga while learning to honor the way your body uniquely moves. Practice mindfulness and meditations techniques created to heighten your intuition and awareness of Self. Enjoy women's circles created to awaken and unite. Experience a new moon ceremony honoring the end of our retreat together while preparing for new beginnings. Return home rooted in your power as a strong, intuitive being with limitless potential.

Your oasis for 7 nights!

Secure your spot with a $500 deposit 

What's Included?

   Please Note

Sample Schedule

  • 7:00a-8:00am Tea, coffee, fresh fruit, yogurt, granola

  • 8:00am-9:45a Morning Workshop w/ Sara

  • 10:00-11:00a Breakfast

  • 11:00a-1:30p Relax or explore

  • 1:30-2:30p Lunch

  • 2:30-4:45p Relax or  explore 

  • 5:00-6:30p Evening Workshop w/ Sara

  • 7:30-9:00p Dinner

  • 9:00p- Wind down and prepare for deep sleep

Secure your spot with a $500 deposit 

Questions? Contact me!

Sara is a phenomenal yoga instructor who creates a unique space where both the body and the spirit are attended to with such care and support. Her energy is contagious and she invites introspection during the practice which added to the healing and growth I experienced during the retreat. I left my burdens when I left the retreat and that is because Sara made me feel that it was okay to do so. Thank you for an amazing time! 


Sara's retreats allow me to step outside of myself and be re-introduced to who I am in a meaningful and humbling way so I can come back to every day life with a better sense of who I am and where I want to go in life. Sara's leadership style integrates the physical practice of yoga with meditation and reflection in an accessible and palpable way. Yoga is so much more than the physical practice, and Sara creates a safe space for that on her retreats that will keep me coming back as long as she continues to host retreats! 


Sara organizes a great retreat - she selects new and interesting locations and creates comradery amongst the group. There's a combination of yoga, meditation, free time, sunshine and great food. The only problem with too strong a recommendation is that the next one may sell out too quickly.


Sara's retreats are the highlight of my year! They're a unique opportunity to reflect, rest and renew both mind and body. She always picks must-see locations, emphasizes both a mental and physical practice, and makes sure we get plenty of time to relax and enjoy our beautiful surroundings. Don't hesitate if you are traveling solo - Sara creates a warm and welcoming environment, and I've made lasting friendships with fellow retreat-goers. I can't wait for her next one!


Sara is the real deal. She is authentic, serene and incredibly warm. I will always remember the retreat to be the time Sara brought together an incredible group of people and created the space for us to slow down and connect with our true desires and values. I entered the retreat burnt-out and left with the energy to re-direct my life deliberately, kindly and with the support of fantastic women. 


Being on a retreat with Sara is a light-hearted, beautiful experience. The setting of the retreat was stunning, the yoga was invigorating and physically challenging, the food was enriching to the soul, and the meditation/group discussions were incredibly ego shattering and heart opening. Sara is an awesome facilitator. She encouraged vulnerability in asana and discussions, and created a supportive, loving group atmosphere during the retreat. The group came to feel like a big family within a few short days, and I feel deeply connected to each member. I left the retreat feeling rested, inspired and ready to take on the world! I hope to join Sara on another yoga retreat soon. 


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